How to build culture in the post-COVID-19 world

The global pandemic has had a huge impact on our daily lives and the way we work. Going to the office is not as obvious anymore as it used to be, and expected is that also post COVID-19, more and more things will happen online rather than offline.

The shift to working from home is here to stay. This does not only affect our work, it also changes the way we feel connected to our company and our team. To keep the team knitted together and achieve our business objectives, we have to adapt the in-person culture that we have always had to the new remote reality.

Join our webinar as we discuss how you can create a thriving culture in this new remote world together with Ben Gateley, Co-Founder & CEO of CharlieHR, and Dr. Marcia Goddard, Head of Culture at Tony’s Chocolonely. They have shared insights on the challenges that come with remote work, personal experiences and how we can use culture as a pillar that helps us to keep aiming for the moon together while being physically apart.

Key learnings

After viewing this webinar, you know:

  1. What makes culture so important in the 21th century;
  2. The role of your vision and mission is in securing your culture during and after COVID-19;
  3. The role of a physical office after COVID-19;
  4. The changing skills and behaviours required to be a good manager after COVID-19.

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