Equalture’s Candidate Experience (CX) Report Q2 2022

Candidate Experience is the reason why we started Equalture in the first place. 

We’re on a mission to ensure that every single candidate is treated the exact same way when applying for a job. And while ensuring these equal opportunities, we want candidates to have a joyful experience that makes them remember you as a company.

In this report, you’ll find an analysis of the Q2 2022 CX of all candidates completing Equalture’s games as part of their job application. 


Equalture CX Rating: How it works.

After a candidate has completed Equalture’s gamified assessment, they are asked to rate their experience from 1 to 5. 

Also, they have the opportunity to leave a comment with their rating.

It is emphasised that this feedback will be collected anonymously, to prevent candidates from leaving a socially desirable rating.

So, without further a due – here’s what we found out!

Candidates left a rating.
Average CX rating.

CX Rating per department

Candidates who applied for Finance positions gave Equalture’s gamified assessment the highest rating (4.78/5), followed by Product (4.68/5) and Support (4.66/5).

Discrimination study.

To learn more about our gamified application experience we surveyed people that completed our application process.

We surveyed the perceptive fairness of the assessment, and the comparison to a traditional application process.

Our goal?

We wanted to see whether candidates felt that our gamified process would make it feel more fair for them, compared to a ‘normal’ application procedure.

As our mission is to shape the world of unbiased hiring, these are absolutely crucial insights to gather.

Pilot study results.

Fairness perception.

Candidates indicate they view the application process as a Fair procedure reducing favouritism.

Propriety of questions.

Candidates indicate the application process ask for information relevant to their application.

Why candidates prefer a gamified application process?

2 out of 3 candidates indicate they prefer a gamified application process.

Here’s why:

  • The content of a gamified application process does not appear to be prejudiced.
  • It does not come across as too personal or private.
  • The use of this application process allow the fair screening of every applicant and gives the same opportunity to compete for jobs for everyone. Even if the candidate ends up not getting the job based on this selection method.
  • Using the game results to determine a candidate suitability for a job reduces the favouritism that can sometimes be a problem when applicants are selected for jobs.

Check out the full report below!

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