Oops! I’m Biased: Diversity Beyond Demographics

Workplace Diversity: Why you should look beyond your employees' age, race, and gender with Pauline Komp from Oterra

In this episode, Charlotte talks to Pauline Komp, HR assistant at Oterra, about diversity beyond demographics. Pauline is currently finishing up her MSc in Diversity and Change Management at Copenhagen Business School and is part of the People and Culture team at Oterra, who recently became a customer of Equalture.

Diversity has become a prominent topic for organisations, but many companies still focus solely on demographic diversity, such as age, gender, and ethnicity/nationality. Yet, diversity is so much more than what is on your passport.

Pauline and Charlotte talk about the primary and secondary characteristics of diversity, why companies still focus predominantly on demographics, the risks of basing diversity efforts on demographics, how to make diversity tangible for organisations, Oterra’s approach to diversity, why education is key, the fear of the unknown stifling progress, what comes first – hiring more diverse employees or making the organisation diversity-ready? – , and how to get started with organisational diversity beyond demographics.

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