How Randstad Improved Their Talent Pool Utilisation When Hiring for Customer Service Roles by 92% ​

By hiring based on games instead of CVs, Randstad improved their talent pool utilisation for Call Center hires by 92%


Randstad is a global human resources consulting firm, specialising in recruitment, staffing, and workforce solutions for companies across various industries. 




Call Center

Talent pool utilisation improved by


Interview to hire rate increased by


Candidate experience rating of


Challenge: Randstad recruitment Customer Service

Randstad supports a wide variety of corporate clients in recruiting Customer Service employees. Randstad faced two main challenges that led to the search for a solution/partner to improve the recruitment process:

  • Not making enough new hires;
  • New hires leaving quickly due to a lack of the right level of learning ability (most hires must first complete a training course).

To overcome this challenge, Randstad decided to partner up with Equalture. Equalture offers game-based assessments, capturing a person’s cognitive abilities and behavioural preferences, which are being introduced at the start of the hiring process (pre-screening). 

Implementation process: Games vs CV

Customer Service roles are typical ‘(soft) skill roles’. Therefore, Randstad wanted to test the following hypothesis: When candidates apply by completing Equalture’s games (focus on potential) instead of by uploading their CV (focus on experience), the talent pool can be utilised much better, resulting in more hires.

In order to define the desired (soft) skills for Customer Service at one of Randstad’s customers, the well-performing Customer Service employees were asked to anonymously complete Equalture’s games, based on which Equalture and Randstad together defined which cognitive traits and/or behavioural preferences are most predictive of good performance. 

After this was finalised, candidates had two different options to apply at Randstad:

  • Option 1: By uploading their CV
  • Option 2: By completing Equalture’s games


65% applied by uploading their CV; 35% applied by completing Equalture’s games.

Results: Game-based application vs. CV-based application

Randstad has seen impressive results by letting candidates apply through games. Bart Weening, Operational Manager at Randstad:

In our partnership with Equalture for recruitment of customer service employees, we have eliminated the CV entirely for candidates who did not want to apply with a CV. An impressive 92% of all hires that we made without resume would not even have been invited for an intake, but got hired now because of their Equalture results. With the help of Equalture we're able to widen up our talent pool and make more hires.

Bart outlined the following four areas in which significant improvements were obtained:

1. Intake-to-hire ratio

Intake-to-hire ratio for CV-based applying was 19%, whereas our intake-to-hire ratio for game-based applying was 33%. This means that the recruiters needed 5 CV-based intakes to make 1 hire, whereas, for the game-based flow, we now only require 3 intakes on average to make 1 hire.

2. Talent pool utilisation

92% of all candidates that were hired through the game-based flow would not even have been invited for an intake based on their resume. This is a very drastic increase in the utilisation of our talent pool, as we were not able to see this talent using traditional screening methods.

3. Completion rate training course

We have not yet collected enough results yet to draw hard conclusions, but so far the game-based hires seem to be more successful in the training course than the CV-based hires. I am very curious to see if this trend continues in the coming months.

4. Improved candidate experience

Last but not least, candidates applying for customer service roles at Randstad rated their experience with Equalture 4.4 out 5, which is a great score. They perceive the process as more fun, less stressful and more fair – especially those who haven’t got previous experiences in Customer Service.

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