Breaking Bias Community Guidelines.

To make sure that you and your fellow community members feel comfortable and safe to support, collaborate and learn from each other, we ask that you respect our shared values.

Be yourself

The Equalture community is a place where members can be authentically themselves. Make sure your profile contains truthful information. Speak from your own experience and feel comfortable to share your thoughts and doubts. 

Honest and open communication leads to wonderful connections with other members – don’t miss out on that opportunity!

Be supportive

Every community member can use a little help, encouragement or compliment every once in a while. Mistakes or missteps happen. Members might show up with different needs on different days, so do your best to be patient and understanding and engage with them in a way that feels constructive. We will do our best to support you in the same way as well.

Be fair

Every community member, whether company employee, customer, colleague or candidate, deserves an unbiased and fair process of doing the Equalture assessment. Please do not disclose any information that could compromise a fellow community member’s game-playing experience or could influence their behaviour or scores. This includes sharing: 

  • Cognitive abilities and behavioural traits measured per game
  • Tips on how to play the games
  • Explanation of the scores and the buckets
  • Expectations of the scores for any roles
  • Pictures or video footage of the games
  • And any other information that is not publicly available 


Any posts or comments will be removed immediately and the author will receive a fair warning or be banned from the Equalture community. If you have doubts about the appropriateness of a contribution, review it first with the community manager.

Be intentional

Before you post, comment, or react to another member’s contribution, stop and think: 

  • Is what I am posting meaningful or value to me and others? 
  • Is my comment adding value to the conversation? 
  • Am I sharing information about myself, my company or other community members that should not be publicly available?


The community is a public dynamic space, so please be intentional and mindful about sharing information and engaging in conversation in order for every member to have an enjoyable experience.

Be inclusive

In our community, everyone is welcome to participate regardless of their background, identity or belief. Please put in effort to make everyone feel welcome and included. Recognise that communication is hard and that everyone has a unique perspective and deserves safety and respect. 

We won’t tolerate discrimination, harassment, lewdness, or hate speech and will remove any comment that qualifies as such and/or ban the author from our pages. If you observe such behaviour, report/flag it to our community moderators.