Gender Bias

Gender bias is the tendency to prefer one gender over another, which is influenced by our Stereotyping Bias.

Pre-screening, screening, post-screening

What is gender bias?

Gender bias in recruitment is the inclination to favour a candidate due to gender prejudice. It’s a huge issue in hiring and can sadly affect all stages of the recruitment process. If the right precautions are not put into place, employers and hiring teams are at risk of discrimination and gender inequality.

Example in the hiring process.

In an interview, women are more likely than men to be asked about children and childcare responsibilities. However, candidates should not feel the pressure to answer questions such as ‘when are you planning on starting a family?” even if the question is disguised in the interview as friendly conversation.

Also, some jobs are perceived to be more male or female jobs. As a result of that, we are also more focused on either males or females.

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