An award-winning team, dedicated to shaping the world of unbiased hiring.

Known from Forbes 30 Under 30, Harper’s Bazaar Woman of the Year Public Award 2022, Most Inclusive Company Award Netherlands 2021, and many more awards. Not because of what we do, but because of why we do what we do. 

''A world in which every single person has the exact same chance to get hired for a job. That's the world we're aiming to shape.''

” When you and I see someone, we will always see a different person. That’s because you and I have different frames of reference, fed by different biases.

Being biased is nothing to be ashamed of. In fact, we can’t live our daily lives without our biases. Our brain needs to process millions of pieces of information every second, and make ten thousand decisions each and every day. Without our biases, which allow our brains to unconsciously process information and make decisions, this would be impossible. 

You can’t decide whether or not to be biased. But you can decide whether or not to act upon it during the hiring process. Our unconscious biases impact our hiring process from the very start to the very end. It makes us set the wrong hiring criteria. It makes us look for the wrong people. It makes us judge people the wrong way. And it makes us hire the wrong people. 

With Equalture, we want to outsmart biases from the hiring process, so that every single candidate is being provided with the exact same opportunity to get hired for a job. And science is our best friend here.

After all, while we tend to judge people based on what we can see from them, it’s actually the part that we cannot see that surprises us most. ”

Charlotte Melkert, Equalture’s Co-Founder & CEO

37 people. All passionate about DE&I.
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Charlotte Melkert
Co-Founder & CEO
Fleur Melkert
Co-Founder & CCO
Jaap Haagmans
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Danielle Chan
People & Culture Manager
Katharina Koidl
Community & Event Manager
Bernadett Szilvassy
Finance Specialist
Anna Graczkowska
Software Developer
Andreea Galan
Branding & Visual Designer
Masha Morwood
Customer Success Lead
Tommy Saeys
RevOps Analyst
Filip Saksida
SDR Lead
Jiaying Law
People Scientist
Wan-Chun Weng
Behavioural Scientist
Elise Loopuijt
Customer Success Manager
Rafael Mendoza
RevOps Analyst
Łukasz Jankowski
Software Engineer
Sophie Soulane
Head of Sales
Leonie Grandpierre
Head of Science
Tereza Piperková
Commercial Project Manager
Han Nguyen
Data Scientist
Bob Slagter – van den Burg
Account Executive
Anouk van Barneveldt
Content Marketer
Joost Duijn
Head of Marketing & RevOps
Zsuzsanna Békéssy
Business Development Representative
Koop Otten
Head of Engineering
Denise Liesveld
Denise Liesveld
Digital Marketer
Paulo A. S. Müller
Paulo A. S. Müller
Software Engineer
Isa Steenken
Customer Success Specialist
Hub Noten
Sales Development Representative
Julie Skorepova
Head of Customer Success

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Advisory board

erik schmit
Erik Schmit
EVP / MD | Business & Sales Strategy | HR Tech |
Roel Jansen
Co-Founder & CCO @ Usabilla
Perry Oostdam
Co-Founder & CEO @ Recruitee
Dr. Marcia Goddard
Anouk de Wolff
Founder @ Scale Force Talent